Beekeeping Insurance Services


Our agents specialize in working with beekeepers to maximize the benefits available under the USDA's Apiculture Insurance Program.  Follow the convenient links listed below and you can begin to understand how this program can work for you.  We can help you to enroll in the program and make sure you have been given all the infromation you need to make informed decisions.  Many agents offer Crop Insurance but our agents specialize in the APICULTURE PROGRAM.


1) This program is based not on where you or located but rather on where you colonies may be located at various times of the year.  So, to start with you need to lcate the exact location where you may have your bees.  This may in fact be at your home state OR it may be wherever you have transposrted your bees for pollination.  The following link will take you to the APICULTURE GRID LOCATOR :

2) Once you know the GRID in which your bees are located - you can calculate the costs and look at the benefits from enrolling any number of your colonies you choose in the program.  The APICULTURE DECISION SUPPORT TOOL allows you to vary the number of colonies, the INTERVALS (two month periods), the Production Factor, and the COverage Level.  One of our experts can guide you through these varibales and how to vary them to custom design a program which maximizes your benefit:

3) In order to make an educated decision on which INTERVALS have historically had the most favorable rainfall data you can use this link to access 50 plus years of rainfall data for the partcular GRID you may be considering: