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Beekeeping Insurance Services specializes in working with beekeepers to get the coverage they need to ensure their livelihood thrives. Work with our licensed Crop Insurance Agents for crop protection.



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Lisa Martinetti

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“I would like to say a little something about the customer service for BIS. There are many insurance service providers out there, but no one can beat their commitment to customer relations. Every time there is a notification that must go out, we are contacted by email or phone immediately. They are always there to answer the phone if we have any questions or need answers. I would highly recommend Beekeeping Insurance Services!”
- Shelley Jakob
- D&J Apiaries - FL

“We would have closed down if not for this program, well administered by Beekeeping Insurance Services!! The financial help has been vital!”

- Charlie Balbach
- Flowing Gold Apiaries, Inc. - CA

"Beekeeping Insurance Services is helpful, easy to work with, knowledgeable and prompt. We have had nothing but good experiences with them.”

- Bill Russell
- Lake Indian Head
Honey Farms, LLC - FL