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Why Beekeeping?

We write 88% of the USDA rainfall program in the U.S.

Those who expect more choose Beekeeping Insurance Services. We are dedicated to providing you with insight, information, and alternative-risk solutions that are custom-fitted to your business and personal needs.

Beekeeping Insurance Services will tailor a plan for you using specific data in your region.

Our trained professionals will walk you through a range of options using risk-assessment tools that will take the pressure off when there is a drought in your area.

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BIS Promise

  • We will conduct a one-on-one personal consultation to go over your specific apiary operations.
  • We will provide an honest assessment and discourage you from purchasing unnecessary coverage.
  • We will keep you informed throughout the year as to how the program is performing for you and point out opportunities to maximize your cost savings.

BIS Staff:

Kevin Rader:
Kevin Rader has been delivering the best in insurance advice and coverage for 15 years. He’s traveled across the U.S. working with beekeepers of all sizes to learn their business and meet their needs. Kevin knows what it means to run a business right in order to protect your family. Delivering the services that meet your needs is how he cares for his family of six;  his wife, two boys, and two girls.

Lisa Martinetti:
Lisa has been working with Beekeeping Insurance Services for 5 years. She ensures your policies are serviced with the utmost care and provides excellent customer service to our current and prospective clients.

Chuck Hemphill:
Chuck is one of 2 agency principals at Beekeeping Insurance services. He has been helping protect Beekeepers from drought since 2012 and has been in the insurance business for over 30 years. Advising clients about Insurance coverage and options is his passion along with his family of 6: his wife, 2 boys and 2 girls.

Mike Browning:
Mike is the 4th generation of a 5 generation Beekeeping Family. He has been helping the family business every summer since he was 3 and has experience with general beekeeping, pollination, honey production and product sales. Mike understands the needs of a beekeeper and can help ensure you are protected.

“Anyone can sell you a policy, but Beekeeping Insurance Services invests the time to understand your individual needs and develop a strategy that will produce the best coverage results.”

What’s The Buzz On Us? Find Out From Our Existing Customers…

“I would like to say a little something about the customer service for BIS. There are many insurance service providers out there, but no one can beat their commitment to customer relations. Every time there is a notification that must go out, we are contacted by email or phone immediately. They are always there to answer the phone if we have any questions or need answers. I would highly recommend Beekeeping Insurance Services!”
- Shelley Jakob
- D&J Apiaries - FL

“We would have closed down if not for this program, well administered by Beekeeping Insurance Services!! The financial help has been vital!”

- Charlie Balbach
- Flowing Gold Apiaries, Inc. - CA

"Beekeeping Insurance Services is helpful, easy to work with, knowledgeable and prompt. We have had nothing but good experiences with them.”

- Bill Russell
- Lake Indian Head
Honey Farms, LLC - FL