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The agents at Beekeeping Insurance Services specialize in working with beekeepers to maximize their use of the federal programs available.

The USDA Risk Management Agency’s (RMA) Apiculture Insurance Program (API) is designed to provide insurance coverage for your colonies. When you sign up for coverage under this program, you are protected against losses due to lack of rain. Payment for losses are determined based on the Rainfall Index, which is a comprehensive dataset of precipitation amounts throughout the country. Because indemnity is not calculated based on actual crop production, claims may be automatically processed without the need for adjusters.

Participation in this program is very simple. With the help of a Trusted Risk Advisor, you will choose the eligible grids in which your eligible colonies are placed. You then choose two or more separate index intervals during which precipitation is important to your operation. For each grid you have elected to cover, actual precipitation amounts are compared to the trigger grid indices. If any of the grids had rainfall less than the trigger index, you may receive an indemnity.


Rainfall Index – Rainfall data collected from the NOAA CPC are organized by grid to form the Rainfall Index.

Grid – A set of ¼° latitude × ¼° longitude regions used by the Rainfall Index as the unit area. Near the equator, this is about 17 mi².

NOAA Climate Prediction Center – Government organization responsible for gathering, recording, publishing and predicting climate around the country and around the world. More information can be found on the CPC website.

Index Interval – Two-month period of time during the crop year. These intervals are used to determine your premium payment amount and the amount of indemnity payment disbursed to you.

Trigger Grid Index – This is the predicted rainfall amount for a given grid during a particular index interval.

Effective the 2018 policy term:

Crop insurance for beekeeper operations has been expanded to include 19 additional states and now spans the entire 48 contiguous states.

Why now?

  • The program is very affordable
  • Premiums are not due until October 1 of the policy term
  • No record-keeping involved
  • No adjusters needed. Claims are paid automatically based on NOAA CPC.
  • Protects your cash flow


You will be asked to make several choices when insuring your colonies. This is where a Beekeeping trusted risk advisor makes all the difference in the world.

As promised, our one-on-one consultation process will take you through the tools that the RMA encourages you to use and provides on their website:

  • Grid ID Locator Map
  • Historical Indices
  • Decision Support Tool

Your Beekeeping trusted risk advisor is trained to help you understand and analyze the complicated data in relatable terms so you can make the most informed decisions for your business.

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